Personal Narrative Essay: How Minnesota Is A Place For You

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Have you ever just wanted to go to a state that has over 10,000 lakes? If so, then Minnesota is the place for you. I have been coming here ever since I was just a little guy. Here is a little story of my Minnesota visits. First of all, the main reason I like Minnesota is because of my grandparents. My grandma makes the best food I have ever had. She makes this strawberry stuff that has crushed up pretzels on the bottom with Cool Whip in the middle. It also has a Jello strawberry substance on top; my brother and I always devour it. She also makes good ham; she puts some pineapple on her ham and leaves it in the crock pot for a while. My grandpa is the hardest working man I know. He is still making different things out of wood such as dressers…show more content…
I have been here quite a few times, and it is still always fun to go. My cousins have taken me here before and they took us to the Mall of America. I have been to Mall of America quite a few times too and it is still fun, the log ride is my favorite. When I was at the Mall of America I bought a cookie called the heart attack. It was two chocolate chip cookies with frosting smothered in the middle. It was the best cookie I had ever eaten. While I was at Minneapolis I went to a Vikings game. When I was at the vikings game we sat in the front row on the twenty yard line. A different time when I was in Minneapolis, I went to a Twins game. I got an autograph of C Fresco. While at the game, I got a big helmet with a Twins logo on it, and it had nachos that came in it. They were really…show more content…
I caught my first largemouth bass here when I was just a little guy. I also caught my first sunfish here when I was young. In the summertime when we go down, my brothers and I take my grandpa's boat out on Hungry Lake. My grandparents live only like four miles away from the lake. So I hook up the boat to the four wheeler and I drive the four wheeler while my brothers drive my grandpa’s pickup. When we get the boat in we start up the trolling motor and go around the lake with that. We catch big fish every summer like big bass and northern pike. The people that usually go along is just my brothers and I. My boy cousin comes along sometimes when there is no football, hockey, or basketball game on. My grandma and grandpa come along fishing every once in awhile too. But that is only when Grandma is not cooking or my grandpa is not building something. My grandma mostly comes along only when we take the boat out. That is because she likes boat fishing more than land fishing. When we do take the boat out though my grandpa does not like water that much so he throws on a life jacket. In the winter time we always go fishing to Cotton Lake. We stay the night out there on the lake in a big ice house, so we are fishing almost twenty-four seven. A couple years ago pretty much all we caught that winter was a lot of baby northern pike. One winter one of our ice fishing poles almost went
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