Personal Narrative Essay: How Tow Boat Changed My Life

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On August 28th 2017 we dragged that night due to a low-pressure system that had a lot of rain and was extremely windy. Winds up to 45 mph and more gusts. In the late morning afternoon, my husband tried to reset the anchor because we dragged on a crab trap. We tried to move the boat and a gust of wind pushed us up against the shore. Then we tried to get off, my husband reversed and forward the boat but nothing seemed to work. It was obvious that we were really stuck on the shore and needed help. We called Tow Boat US right up around 2:00 and it was high tide so we could have been easily towed out. The tow boat guy Rich, told us that he couldn't get to us until tomorrow. He checked the coordinates we gave Boat Us and told my husband the best…show more content…
We walked to the road like the tow boat guy mentioned and we waited for my father in law to get there. We left and didn't return to our boat until the next day in the afternoon when high tide came in and the tow boat guy could finally get us off after 24 hours of calling him. My husband jumped in the boat and saw that our boat was flooded with about waist high water.The Tow Boat guy had lines on the vow and had already tried to tow her out to deeper water without getting the water out from inside. My husband was yelling and very upset at the tow company personal because he wanted to take it out in the channel and the boat was in the condition of sinking. That's when my husband called Boat US - Geico insurance and talked to Simone for a few minutes because he was so overwhelmed and angry about this situation. He gave me the phone and I talked to her; she was very helpful and understood the situation and got the Tow Boat people to stop trying to tow our boat and salvage it. She told me that the boat had to be hauled out immediately and the engine needed to be flushed and pickled. We did what she asked right away, we went to the closest marina that has haul out service. Brunswick Landing Marina but unfortunately their haul out team had already left and the mechanic too. They told me they would get to us the next day. At that time my husband noticed things missing from the boat and then called you guys. We have been at my father-in-laws since then waiting on the insurance so we can move from this horrible
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