Personal Narrative Essay: If We Were In A Basketball Team

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Cheers, yelling, and excitement were all over the bleachers. It seemed as if we were in a NBA game. Volleyball cheers from our teammates. “ GO BLUE! “ from everyone's parents. Scores were really close. 20 to 19. The other team serves the ball to us. It came really fast and hard. My teammate hit it but it was a bad pass. So I sprint to go bring it back to the game. I get to it and hit it really hard. Finally my team brings it back into the other team's side. I run back and trip. “No big deal”, I say to myself. However I felt my ankle sprain. I was in pain and I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked coach for a sub. I felt the warm tears running thru my cheeks. I took one for the team and subbed back in. Finally we hit game point. It seemed as of
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