Personal Narrative Essay : Life Growing Up In My Life

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Life growing up was either my savior or enemy, it could be a beautiful day and suddenly just start storming. And it’s hard getting out that storm, I had to go through everything thrown my way. Things a young girl shouldn’t even have to deal with.
When I was born, my father was in the military fighting for his country. While my mother was passing me to all the family to see. Soon after though my mother’s schizophrenia was getting a little out of hand, so I was sent to my grandparents to live my life till my father came back. Life was fun, but I knew something was off. I knew these people weren’t my parents. Yes, they cared for me, fed me, clothed me, and sheltered me, but they weren’t my parents. I always felt like there was this hole in my heart that I could never fill and it got bigger and bigger. Nevertheless, I had fun memories as a kid playing with my friends and eating lots of food. I always fit in as a person, but I never really fit in internally.
My father soon came home from the Iraq war and I screamed when I saw him take his first step out that plane. I was ecstatic that day finally getting to see my father after so long. We got a house and lived together always eating McDonald’s and Debbie cakes. My heart was now starting to shrink, but there was still a hole there. My father later married another woman… I’ve known her all my life and I at first didn’t like her, but soon saw her as my own mother. It was so amazing to have a mother figure in my life and to be
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