Personal Narrative Essay: Melissa's Home

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Walking home from school on a Friday afternoon, Victoria and I stopped at our favorite restaurant to get a bite to eat. Whenever we go there we love talking to our favorite employee, Melissa. Melissa is always there and knows just what we want to eat. On that Friday, Melissa wasn’t there and Victoria and I were worried sick about her. We asked the man working if he knew where she was and he said she didn’t come in today, and the manager called to make sure she was okay and she didn’t answer her cell phone. Victoria and I didn’t get anything to eat because we had to figure out where Melissa was and if she was okay. We left the restaurant and went straight to Victoria's house. In a few, short minutes we arrived at her house. We ran…show more content…
Harry had stopped at this old, run down house and said that we were here. Victoria and I both looked at each other kind of funny. “Harry, is this really Melissa’s house or are you tricking us?” He said that we wasn't kidding and that Melissa had lived here her entire life. Harry dropped us off and we thanked him for bringing us to Melissa’s house. We got out of the bright yellow car and closed the doors and he was gone in a blink of an eye. “I have never seen a car go that fast before,” said Victoria, “Me either,” I replied. Victoria and I were alarmed that Melissa’s house was in such bad shape, the grass was up to my knees, the siding on her house was falling off, and the front porch looked like if you stepped on it, it would break. We was worried that Melissa had never lived here and probably never even been here, but that was not going to stop us! We now were on the front porch, we knocked on the door and tried to open up the door but the door wouldn’t open. We walked around back to see if there was a back door or window that we could crawl in. There was an open window on the left side of the house. I helped Victoria in first, then she helped me
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