Personal Narrative Essay: Mixed Race

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What it feels to be mixed race during a fight for black lives?. It’s very hard when it comes to being mixed, but that’s life it never comes easy. As for me being mixed I know how it feels never allowed to be our own person in a sense. I feel you shouldn’t have to say, “I’m Black” or “I’m White”, being forced to pick a side, never allowed to stand in the middle with my own ideas.

For this reason, I feel you shouldn’t have to say, “I’m Black” or “I’m White”. It makes mixed people feel like they are not accepted or fit in anywhere, yet you forget that’s how you’ve been treated like that for many years. You never let us be mixed or biracial, making us feel that we can’t be different.Today, in society, they say different is good; but then turn around and talk about it like it’s weird. This why I feel you shouldn’t have to live by your
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Taking my right to express myself in what I feel is right “it’s wrong”. Being told your idea is wrong or impossible because you don’t look like them and they didn’t think of it first. Being told your ideas don’t count when it comes to race, because you’re not 100% of anything. You always have mixed feelings so it still doesn’t count.

However, when it comes to getting any type of paper work done “I’m Black”. When I’m filling out job applications “I’m White”. When it comes to having a good reputation about anything “I’m White”. When it comes to singing or dancing “I’m Black” because I have “soul”. Because I am mixed, I can use my background to my advantage to get things across or make a point.

In conclusion, I stand for Mixed Lives Matter because we should be treated fairly, we should have our rights, we should be heard, and we should be accepted. We matter too. We shouldn’t have to pick sides. We should be ourselves. We shouldn’t have to go by labels. We should stand up for ourselves more. We shouldn’t let things slide any longer. Mixed Lives
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