Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To High School

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My family and I had lived in Oregon for my entire life. We had moved a couple times, but nothing enormous. I was getting to the age where I would have to go to high school soon but my mother did not want me to board, because she did not like it when my brother boarded. So she started looking around for a nice high school with a job opening in the area for her as well as my father, all of this going on without my knowledge of course. One day when I was on my mother's computer I “accidently” found out where my mother was considering we would move to. That was the day I found out we would be moving across the country to Virginia.

I was not happy when I found out, who would be? I sulked for a while, but did not say anything because I was not supposed to know yet. About a month later, my mother called a family meeting. “I’m going to be gone for a about a week, three weeks from now.” she said. My brother, Andy, looked at my mother with a questioning gaze. “Why?” he asked, “Where are you going?” “Well, I’m going to Virginia to look at the schools there and look for a house.” I acted as if I was surprised at this revelation. We continued to talk until it was time to go make dinner.
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My close friend was dejected and my acquaintances were a little sad. I certainly did not want to move because I was leaving so much behind: family, friends, my home- everything I had known for those five years. So I did two of the things I excel at-hiding my emotions and shutting people out. It wasn’t that hard, shutting them out, I only had one close friend. The other kids were without a doubt not the best influences on me. The School didn’t truly feel like a Christian school to me. Moving day came, we said goodbye to all our family and got in the
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