Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Indiana

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My mom wanted to move to Indiana and my dad wanted a cat. My mom didn't want to take Shadow on the long drive, so we ended up giving Shadow to my dad. My mom and I moved to Indiana. When we got here I still really wanted a cat and really missed shadow. My mom got me a surprise that we still have today! She got me a new cat named Sylvester! He is a short haired tuxedo cat. I remember getting him and being so happy I had another cat. Sylvester is a really picky cat though. The only meat he likes is chicken. He could eat for ever! When we got him he was skinny, but now he is super fat. He also does some really weird things. We were opening up milk one day, and accidently dropped a milk ring on the floor. Sylvester ran up and attacked the milk
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