Personal Narrative Essay : Moving To Scotland

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I have had a crazy life full of many different memories but going to Scotland is one I’ll never forget. Growing up I had always known I had roots from Scotland because my mom was born and raised in Mother well, Scotland. She had a thick accent and told many stories of her life growing up, she had a mother who was full Scottish, a dad that was full Irish but moved to Scotland in his early twenty’s, she also had a sister and two brothers. When I was six months old my mom needed to fly back because her father was dying and so she took me but growing up that’s all I knew. My parents would fly my gran and her sister out but we didn’t see them much. My mom moved to the United States because she was a travel nurse and got a job offer from a hospital in Fresno. Once she moved here she fell in love with my dad and they got married. This is so memorable not just because I got to travel out of the country but it started five months prior to the trip. On March 24th,2011 my mom passed away while having a brief stay at the hospital. When this happened, it shook my whole family and I didn’t expect to lose my mom at such a young age. Once she passed my dad thought it would be a good idea for my sister and I to go experience and see where my mom grew up.

On July 20, 2011, we boarded our plane from San Francisco to Amsterdam. When getting to Amsterdam it was dark and dreary, although it was the middle of the day It was very dim and rainy. It wasn’t like America, people weren’t as friendly

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