Personal Narrative Essay : My Best Friend

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My best friend is always there when I need her the most, has my back when times get rough, and I can always tell her my deepest darkest secrets. My best friend's name is Tea Elaine Valentine. We have been best friends for nine years and counting. We met in the third grade. I was introduced to Tea by another friend of mine. She thought I was weird at first, but as she got to know me we have been best friends ever since. Tea and I are two different people. Tea is more of the outspoken, no filter, and whatever comes to mind is said. I’m more of the quiet and laid back. I have learned many things from Tea like learning how to speak up for myself, never to let anyone walk all over me, and it is okay to say how you feel. Are friendships have stayed strong this many years because of our loyalty, listening ear, and always being there for each other. From third grade to sixth grade Tea and I were stuck together like glue. Every day after school we would call each other on the house phone and we would talk for hours. When it was time for the weekend I was always at her house or she was at my house to spend the night. My after school routine was the same as always but this phone conversation started off different. “I have something to tell you,” Tea said.“Yes?” I replied. She said “I’m moving to Big Rapids next year” . After hearing this news I was so devastated. I felt like I was losing my best friend. She was only moving three hours away, I felt like she was moving across the
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