Personal Narrative Essay : My Dream Hunting Camp

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Dream Hunting Camp

As you can probably tell from the title, I love hunting. Everyday I dream of going out and sitting patiently; just waiting for the perfect broadside shot on a whitetail. Hunting is what i love to do the most, and if this place really existed i would never come back from it. I first went hunting when i was 9 years old with my dad. My dad has always loved hunting and wanted to show me what it was all about and why he did it. I hope that one day that I will get some land of my own further south and have a hunting camp of my own. I have been to a hunting camp that belongs to one of my dad’s friends, and it’s pretty cool, but it is not anything like what my dream camp would be. My hunting camp would be pretty far south
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The stands wouldn’t be that close to the trails cause you wouldn’t want to scare the deer when you go to your stand. Some of the stands would be tri-pod style, two man stands, ladder stands, grounds blinds, and pretty much everything else you could think of. I would have deer feeders about 20 yards to 40 yards away from each stand so that way they feel comfortable in each of those spots. The cabin would have stone floors and an old fashioned wood heater in every room. There would also be a pool table behind the sitting room with a 72” flat screen tv. There would also be a bar to the side of the pool table so that way when you are playing you can go over to the bar and make yourself a drink. The bar would have very soft cushions and will be able to adjust height. There would also be dimming lights inside of the ceiling above the bar, the pool table, the kitchen, and the sitting room. There would also be a big garage for all of the four wheelers to be in when you are not using them.
On the wall in the sitting room, I would have gun mounts for all of my rifles and shotguns to sit until I take them out to hunt. The bathroom would have camo curtains and a camo seat on the toilet. More dimming lights would be in there, too. The bathroom would be painted a camo green with brown trimming and leaves painted on the wall every now and then. There would be a cabinet with extra toilet paper and towels for when you take a shower or wash your hands. The
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