Personal Narrative Essay: My First Adventure On The Boat

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I finally got the call that I had been waiting for far a very long time. My dad was finally going to let me take the new boat out on the water for the first time by myself. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to invite a few of my friends on the boat with me. As soon as I got off the phone with my dad, I anxiously called up a few of my friends to let them know what was going on. They happily agreed to come out on the water with me. Once I arranged for my friends to come on the boat ride, we all met at my house to prepare and plan for our first adventure on the boat for a day on the water. As we were preparing the boat my dad explain to us the importance of safety on the boat and procedures before putting it in the water. He told us to make sure…show more content…
At this point everybody was still happy, because the boat trip had not been ruined after all. One minor set back , but we were moving forward again to a fun filled day out on the water. Once we get the tire on the trailer we were then on our way to the boat launch. Once we got to the boat launch we saw that there was a bunch of people trying to load the boat in the water. We knew we had all day to be out on the water, so we were anxious to get out but did not mind waiting. So while we waited in line we put everything in the boat and most importantly we put the plug in the boat. As we were about to put the boat in the slip, some guy with a JetSki cut in front of us and put his boat in the water before us. Everyone in the truck became very angry, because we had been sitting there for 15 minutes waiting our turn. Once the man put his boat in the water and moved his truck out the way it was finally our turn. We put the boat in the water and pushed it off the trailer. Finally, the boat was in the water and started to drift out away from the trailer. Whenever I tried to start the boat, one engine started but the other one did not. Well I did not start to worry until at this point the boat was too far out in the water that I could not get it back to the
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