Personal Narrative Essay : My Grandfather

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My Grandfather

For my narrative paper i will be talking about my life with my grandfather and just him in general. I will be talking about when he was born and the day he died, the time we had spent together, all the things that we had done in the time we were with each other, how much time we spent together, and how it impacted my life and everyone else's life in my family that was close to him. I will be answering all of these questions through my paper. The first thing I am going to talk about is the things about him such as; when he was born, when he died, and details about him. My grandfather’s name was Stanley. He was born on September 30, 1936. He died on October 30, 2008. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. He was married to my grandmother, Shirley. They got married on March 19, 1957. He was only seventeen when he got married. They had four children, however one of them died. My grandfather was in the military. To be specific, he was a part of the navy. The next topic I will be discussing is about the time we spent together and why we were so close. We were together almost everyday. When I was younger, him and I worked in the garage. He taught me about cars so I could work on them with him. He taught me about motors and he helped me do my first motor swap. Whenever we were done in the garage, we went to lunch. We started working on a car, it was a ‘71 nova. Sadly, we couldn’t finish it. However, my dad helped me finish it, but then he had to sell it for financial
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