Personal Narrative Essay : My Life In My Family

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About a year ago, my dad got married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The wedding wasn't a big one, it was just our little family of 4 people. The wedding wasn't long, it was about 45 minutes to an hour long. I didn't want to go, but I ended up going when they told me we were staying in a cabin. The ride was about four hours. As soon as we got there we ate at this old restaurant called The Mill. They are known for their breakfast food, but if you ever want to eat breakfast there you have to show up super early. After we ate, we headed over to a little office in downtown Gatlinburg to get our cabin key. Shortly after we headed to the cabin.
The cabin was two stories and on the very top of the mountain. When we got the key we drove to find it and got lost a couple times, but we eventually found it. As we pulled into the driveway I was so anxious to get out and finally go to sleep. My sister and I hopped out of the car and ran inside to choose our room for the week. Inside there was a game room, three regular rooms, and a little room, plus all of the regular things in a house. I ended up getting one of the smaller rooms and my sister got the medium sized one. While my parents got the big one. We unloaded our luggage and went straight to sleep. We needed the rest for tomorrow.
The next day came and it was the wedding day. We woke up early to go grocery shopping. Then we went back home and started to get ready for the wedding. We showed up at the wedding place a couple hours later. It wasn't a big place but it was still very beautiful. They took us back and let us freshen up before it started. We then went outside to get pictures and for them to get married. The pictures turned out horribly. When the wedding ended they gave us a cake and then we went back to the cabin to change and then go out to eat.
The next day my parents stayed gone most of the day and left me and my sister at the cabin. We pretty much just stayed in the hot tub the whole time. When they got back they took us shopping on the strip. We also took a ski lift up to the top of a mountain then we rode a little ride back down to the bottom. We then made our way back to the cabin and my dad told me and my sister to get some sleep
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