Personal Narrative Essay : My Love : The Story Of My Story

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I remember the day I met her. It was the month of April. The weather was hot in sunny California. She was not my friend yet, but soon she would be. The truth of the behind our story was quite embarrassing. She doesn’t like when I talk about it. A lie should never be born. The truth is better than a lie. The girl was named Joy. Who she was as a person, matched her name. Her parents had made the right decision when naming her. The bell for lunch ringed about five minutes ago. Every day, about the same time, I did my personal business. She walked in after me. She had the prettiest pair brown eyes, I had ever seen. Her accent when she said Thank you screamed foreigner. Later in life she told me she was from Thailand but was raised in South Korea. Imagine attending a school in another country away from your family? Either way, she was fluent in English. After we emerged from the stalls, we went to the dirty stained mirrors. In sync we pulled our purses from our sides to the front of our bodies. Together we pulled out eyeliner and lip gloss. Her makeup was different from mines. Her make-up was light against her skin unlike mines. She added blush to her cheeks and gloss to her lips. Joy was taller than me even with strawberry ice cream colored sneaker on. She had to have been taller than me by two inches. Her body was slender and tall. She looked as if she had missed a couple of meals. Her knees caps could be seen through her skin, only the outline though. The outfit she wore

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