Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Switzerland

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It’s quite incredible how often people make plans that ultimately end up failing. I’ve witnessed stories of my parents, family, friends and even strangers on the internet who have planned on traveling to a faraway city with their closest friends and experience a new lifestyle for a few days. We all fantasize about these things, however, more often than not, they do not come true. This was not the case for me.

I know myself enough to say I am a lover of travelling and exploring new places. So, my trip to Switzerland with my five closest friends in the summer of this year is high on my list of most memorable events. The idea for the trip can be stretched back many years. Our group of friends had been talking about taking a trip, just us, for years. However, it was never a concrete idea. It was in March that we finally decided that we were going to go to Switzerland and no one could stop us. Thankfully, all our parents were on board with the plan. So, the next month, we started the real planning and took all the major
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Lucerne is a known holiday destination for tourists and is highly recommended. On the flight is where one of the most memorable event of this whole trip occurred. We saw the Indian cricket team captain and a batting legend, Virat Kohli on our flight. The journey had clearly started off on the right foot.

The second we stepped out of the airport in Switzerland, the biting wind and cold atmosphere hit us and we were immediately enamored by everything. We quickly made our way to the hotel and left for an evening walk. The whole city was buzzing and calm at the same time, which blew my mind. For dinner, we had a remarkable cheese fondue which is considered a must try in Switzerland. We spent the next day in Lucerne as well, with a walking city tour where we visited famous bridges, churches, and restaurants. We also went on an impromptu forest trail on the top of a hill with a small coffee
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