Personal Narrative Essay: Natrona County's Greatest Mistakes

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It was the late in the fourth quarter and the Broncs were about to win another state championship making it two years in a row. There was 20 seconds on the clock and the Broncs were up 49-28 on the Natrona County Mustangs. All we needed to do was take a knee, and sheridan would take home their 25th football state title. The ball was snapped and instead of taking a knee, they ran it with running back Kyle Kustis for another bronc touchdown to make the win 56-28. The block that opened up the hole was offensive tackle and my brother, Blayne Baker. After that night we all went home to celebrate the state championship. The next morning I could barely talk. My throat was throbbing from cheering so loud. “Do you want some pancakes?” my sister, Baylee,…show more content…
He must have liked the way blayne answered the question. News spread about town like a wildfire. Everyone was asking me, “So is blayne going to wyoming.?” I just answered with a simple, “We don’t know yet.” Soon enough Montana State University heard about it and immediately called blayne and offered him a scholarship. The night after blayne got a second scholarship, I went over to my friend Carl’s house. There were a bunch of people there asking me about blayne. There was one kid two grades older than me that doesn’t like me very much said something that stayed with me for a long time. “Guys you know what’s sad? Bridger is going to have so much to live up to.” From then on that has been my biggest fear, that I won’t be as good as my brother. Weeks passed and then the University of Montana called him up and offered him another scholarship. This started to eat away at me like a termite. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could be the baker that didn’t live up to what his brothers did. This continued until one day I decided to go over to my friend Cinches house and hang out with a group of friends. Cinches dad, Jay, and I were sitting in the car for about an hour and a half because everyone else was out on the boat. The boat’s battery died so they had to swim it back, which took a while. Jay and I started talking about things like leadership and
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