Personal Narrative Essay On Bars

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get here. My back ached my legs cramped and my headed pounded. How much worse can it get? “Come on girls we’re going to be competing bars first so get your grips and anything you need,” Brittany called from the bars. I felt relieved because bars was my best event and it never really worried me in competitions. Erin competed before me. I watched her do a actually very great bar routine seeing how she wasn’t very good at bars. She nearly stuck the landed and gave the judges a huge smile at the end. I think that she could just tell she did well when she ran over to me and scooped me into a hug. I cheered for her as I hoped my routine went just as well. As I walked over to the chalk box I started to feel as though I was dreaming like nothing around me was real. Before I even knew I was up on the bars doing my routine. I dismounted and everything felt real again as I stuck the dismount. I felt joy take over me. I turned with a huge smile and big finish. My fists came down pounding on the air…show more content…
As my eyes quickly scanned all the judges, one of them saluted me. I felt my hands fly into a gymnast salute. This was going to be the first year I would be competing a three series on beam. I was going to be throwing a back handspring stepout, back layout stepout, back layout stepout. I felt myself clutch the beam with my sweaty palms as I mounted. I did my turn and jump connection and surprisingly everything was going very well. I started feeling more comfortable and confident. I happily danced across the beam preparing for my series. I closed my eyes and imagined myself perfectly doing the skill. I swung my arms back beginning my back handspring, my chalky, sweaty hands hit the beam. I flew into my first layout step out and came down on the beam perfectly. I set up for my last
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