Personal Narrative Essay On Christmas And Christmas : A Christmas Day

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Once on an extremely dark and cold winter night that seemed to last so long, and my father was gone for the entire weekend. As I sat in front of the fire, it felt like warm butter melting on my face as the gusting winds and snow developed outside. I meekly waited by the boiling fire for my loving father to come in from the brisk winter air. Sitting facing the fire, I desperately hoped for my father to come home and celebrate a beautiful Christmas with his family. That horrible weekend was Christmas Eve and Christmas. He did not show up for Christmas Eve, so we sadly thought that he was going to miss Christmas as well. In our family, we celebrate Christmas with our family so to not have my father there would be a big difference for our family. I just kept wishing and wishing that he would come home for Christmas. When a snowstorm arises, we all would dread it because he had to work and fix people’s power.
Suddenly, after waiting for a long time by that scorching fire, I heard a “Knock, Knock, Knock…” It was my father he walked through the front door. He walked through the front door. I said it to myself twice because I had no words and did not know what to think, say, or how to act. It happened to be a Christmas miracle when he came home just in time for Christmas. Then again, as Karen Salmansohn put it, “Never stop believing because miracles happen every day.” As he walked in that door, the world fell away; drained all colors, but him standing at the door, waiting for
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