Personal Narrative Essay On 'Dough And Homework'

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Dough and Homework

At about three o’clock I was at my mom’s desk working on my brainstorm for this story. I got an idea and asked my mom. “Mom how old was i when i got stitches.” “You were four when that happened I have pictures on Facebook if you want to look at them and can you go on Pinterest and find a recipe for berrocks,”she exclaimed I started her computer and opened Facebook and Pinterest. I looked at the album called “ChinaTown and stitches.” I found the photos with me and a cut on my forehead and the recipe for the bedrocks.Then I remembered that I do not recall anyone talking.So I asked. “What did you tell dad.” I asked “He was not there,”she answered. She already knew I was doing a brainstorm for my personal narrative at the time.
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“Ok thanks,” I replied “Should probably pick something you remember better than then you got stitches from when you barely five year old,” She advised. “Yea,” I confessed. “Why don’t you do what you are doing what you are doing now writing your personal narrative brainstorm,”She offered. “And why would you do that ?”I questioned. “Well, do you remember any times your live changed or any better ideas for your narrative?” She interrogated. “No… fine I guess that will work okay yea thanks for helping me with that,” I answered. “How long does it take to cook the berrocks?” She questioned. “Two hours for prep.” I replied “Oh you should start making it,” she recommended. “Ok I will,” I answered. After the dough rises for TWO HOURS I see that it has overflowed the largest bowl in our entire house. “Why didn’t you watch the dough? And why did you put a towel on it there was no way it was not going to overflow.”I
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