Personal Narrative Essay On Halloween At Rocky Mountain

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Beware the following writing is extremely awesome!!! Have you ever climbed the tallest and most fascinating mountain in the world or wrote about a fat boy eating candy on halloween (the fat boy was me) well I have. Rocky Mountain Have you ever climbed the Rocky Mountain? Well, I have and although it was fun it wasn't the easiest thing. When we first rolled up into the old cracked parking lot. By the time we got to the first part of the trail leading up the long steep mountain my legs were already cramping in pain.On the first part all it was was the stench of animal poop and grass. Once we actually got to the good stuff it got real scary real quick especially once we started climbing the frosty,prickly rocks.By the time we got to the top wich felt like ages it was a beutiful veiw from up there you could even the the puffy white clouds!!!! Halloween as a baby Have you ever dressed up as a giraffe and ate candy on halloween.Well I have and i was 2 and i loved it! When i was little i was a hefty boy and well,ate a lot. When i first got in my itchy costume i hated it and i started balling with a waterfall of tears coming out of my eyes. As it got to halloween night I…show more content…
Have you ever been to a amusement park well that's kinda what dollywood is. Once we got to the roaring amusement park we went straight to the ticket booth and bought some tickets. Since we had my little sister with us we couldn't ride any monster rides. So we went straight to the baby rides and rode the casual car rides which were actually pretty cool at the time it was like an old time car with a very lustery blue shine to them that famous elvis presley would ride in. The zooming cars would go up and down and making me quite dizzy since i was only 7 years old. After Dollywood i was severely grumpy for probably some stupid reason so i took a long nap in the car ride home wich felt as quick as a
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