Personal Narrative Essay On Police Safety

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She looked and her grill was still there. She felt that something nefarious was going on so she zip tied his hands behind his back and called the police. Now as a bystander, I found this to be hilariously funny that this older woman zip tied this twenty year old person and made him wait for the police. Officer Akers arrived told me to observe, stay in the car, he would lock the doors and that if anything went bad that there was a flak jacket behind his seat and put it over me. This was for my protection as the vehicle is not bullet proof. I felt perfectly safe in his car; one thing I noticed was that he parked at a distance of about 40 feet from the call. Another safety measure he employed was that as he approached the scene he was assessing everyone …show more content…

Deputy Aker’s continue to question the suspect and eventually let him go. Deputy Aker’s spoke to the homeowner then came back to the car and explained that he was certain that the suspect was looking for empty houses to Rob. Most people don't question someone's going to her house during the day; it could be a family member, lawn maintenance as opposed to the nighttime. He called central command and requested extra patrols in the neighborhood. He also ran the suspects ID and now it’s in the system. If the police department gets a report of any home invasions or thefts he’s a likely suspect. Second Call After the first call we began patrolling again and we went to an area of the city that has a boat dock lunch and a car was driving very slow and so he ran the license plate but the plate didn't coincide with the vehicle. He pulled The car over and questioned the driver, he was a 90-year-old man and his wife just out driving. They wanted to see the river, he stated his previous car was the same model but it was blue and they must not have changed it when he registered his new car. It was a strange coincidence. Anytime a license plate doesn’t match a car description it’s considered

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