Personal Narrative Essay On Pumpkin Picking

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It was a nice day to go pumpkin picking with my family. We went to the local farms to pick our pumpkins. I wanted to pick the perfect one. My mom told me a story about zombie pumpkins. I didn’t believe her because she tells me that story every year we go pumpkin picking. When we got there the clouds were turning dark gray and the air was very heavy. The fog filled the aisles of the apple trees. We had to pick our pumpkins fast because the weather was turning bad, a storm was coming. I saw the perfect pumpkin all the way in the back of the patch. I picked one up and it was perfect. As I turned it around, it was really a pumpkin zombie. The eyes were dark red, seeds were coming out of its mouth, and green ooze dripped from its ears and nose.
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