Personal Narrative Essay On The 1930's

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It was the 1930s and the day was clear, no signs of dust for miles. Only the mounds of dust on the ground leftover from the last storm. The roads were empty so Jaxon said today would be a great day to go, but I didn’t want to. Besides, I already knew what was going to happen I just want to avoid it. It was too perfect, something was up.
“Jessica Gyselle, get in the truck now,” and he made me get in the truck. As we drove, I noticed the dead trees and plants all around. It made me so sad, but then I saw a small speck of green. I took it as a sign of hope. We arrived at the doctor’s office and shortly after, the news came back. But as I said, the day was too perfect. We live in the Southwest part of Colorado. We have 2 kid who names are Gertrude and Patricia. Gertrude is 7 and Patricia is 13. I work as a waitress in our closest diner, and Mason works as a coal miner. Our house isn't that big, but it fits all 4 of us. It has a kitchen and 2 other rooms for us to sleep in. We were warned about the storms before it happened, and we stocked up on food. We have tried to seal every crack in the house we can find. Also, we have tried to let people who needed shelter into our house.
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He has been wanting to go to the doctor for a while now. I haven’t been the same lately and everyone has noticed.
“ Don’t you think we should wait a little longer?” I begged.
“No we need to go now. Get in the truck,” he instructed me. I reluctantly walked out, telling the kids we will be back soon. So we drove to the doctor, got the news, and drove home. Immediately I walked out to the barn to start cleaning. There hasn’t been a dust storm in weeks, so I was hoping it would last a little longer. I had rejected going to the doctor for so long. I was already a few months into pregnancy. I didn’t know how I could hide it from my children but I didn’t want them to worry about
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