Personal Narrative Essay On 'Twelve Going On Thirteen'

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Twelve going on thirteen. Without a care in the world I lived life inside a bubble that my white privileged parents had created for me. Inside the gates of the Three Village Club I had belonged to an ingroup of boys my age. We were the “core-five” and all we knew in life was playing soccer until the sun went down and playing FIFA in our basements like our life depended on the game. I didn’t know much about these boys however we had common interests which made us destined “playmates”. We were unaware of our surroundings due to the transition of parenthood after the disaster that struck our country on September 11th. We didn’t choose to be put into this sheltered life, the sociological world created it for us. That same world that put me…show more content…
When game time arrived I had somehow convinced myself I was in condition to play a full soccer game. The adrenaline that was rushing through my body during the game distracted me from the bigger picture; that this could be my last time on the field for a while. That game I had scored my first and last goal on the Junior Varsity Soccer Team. This knee nightmare resulted in knee surgery that would have sidelined me from soccer for eight months if the doctor hadn’t screwed up. This donated knee cartilage from the second knee operation performed is still working in my body to this day. Life on crutches for a year had made the world slow down for me. I began to realize the bubble in which I lived in. The “core-five” became a “core-one” as I learned that the only person I could trust was myself. The happy go-lucky kid I once knew at age twelve became a curious and skeptical teen at thirteen. The real world hit me hard and it still does today. Through these years without my passion of soccer and without my friends to lean on I began to rely on my family and God. My family had always been a positive influence in my life that I depended upon, however the new aspect of life was god. Coming from a Catholic family who rarely practiced religion, it was unlikely I would form a relationship with God. I reached out to God every night in hopes he would hear my prays of good fortune and get me through
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