Personal Narrative Essay On Why College Doesn T Work

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Did she just say college isn’t the place for her? What am I going to do? I can vision it now. She won’t have an acceptable job, new car, not to mention, a nice house.

Honey, I know it’s difficult. However, we can get through this. Can you push it through one more semester and see how you feel then? You will enjoy college if you give it another chance. You are just in a difficult position right now. In fact, all colleges around the world are challenging. They prepare you for success. If you work for your degree, then you will invest a large amount of money.

What is wrong with her? Does she even want a decent career? Maybe this is my fault. I wasn’t supporting her like I should. I should’ve been there for her. Was she worried I wasn’t
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I didn’t know you were so unhappy with college. I can help you push through it. I went to college, and I struggled too. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t struggle. It’s normal to want to give up and quit, but it doesn’t help. After you escape this hard position that you’re in, you will be so relieved. Why don’t you just stay here? You don’t have to pay electric bills, water bills, or anything. Living by yourself is a lot of responsibility. If you think you are having a difficult time now, try paying a house bill with a job that doesn’t require college. You can stay here while you finish college. It will be easier for you.

I know she will regret not going to college if she gives up. Should I let her quit or should I keep pushing her toward success? I need to decide what is best for her. I understand that she is struggling, but she will be miserable without her college degree. I still think it is better for her to continue. I know she can work it out and earn her degree.

Please don’t quit. You will regret it if you do. College will get you a fantastic job with a good pay. All you have to do is finish it out strong. It will make a gigantic difference in your pay. You don’t want to look back and say I quit college, therefore, I have an average paying
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