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Personal Narrative We all like to pretend that we have control over our lives. Being in control makes us feel powerful, like we are ready for anything. With everything that goes on in the world we never can truly be in full control of our lives, but the moments that we felt we were in control are looked back as good times in our lives. Of course, it’s the moments where we lose control that stick with us the most. The day I found out I would lose my dad for a year started a little differently than most days. I woke up around 11 to the sharp pain of being hit in the side with a stick. Jolting upwards in pain, I slammed my head against the bottom of my brother’s bed, forgetting that I slept in a bunk bed. Now fully awake and in splitting pain I turned to face my attacker. My three year old brother squealed with laughter as he wound up for another swing with his menacing weapon, a two-foot blue plastic lacrosse stick. To this day I have no idea where he got that stick, no one has ever played lacrosse in my family nor did we ever buy a lacrosse stick. “Thwack!” My leg shot up with pain after my brother Keegan’s latest hit. “Wake up RyRy!” my assailant giggled as he dropped his weapon. He looked at me with a smile across his face with not a hint of remorse in his blue eyes. Some people might have been surprised that a three year old could brandish a weapon but, Keegan was an ingenious child. Keegan has always been big for his age, with big blue eyes and buzz cut hair he

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