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Personal Narrative The most influential event in my life was moving from Herriman to Draper. The move was accompanied with much sadness and frustration, but I have come to realize that the positive effects far outweigh the negative ones. The biggest result of the move ended up being the ward family we moved into. Other things I was able to do after the move were making friends and discovering many things that I could be passionate about. I am LDS and I have been my entire life. Where we lived out in Herriman my family was right on the ward boundary line. This meant that in our fast growing city the wards and stakes were constantly being split and shuffled around and in the 14 years we lived there we switched wards 13 different times! As you can probably imagine I didn’t ever get settled and comfortable with anyone in our wards because I knew we would just be switching again soon anyway. When I moved to Draper I realized that there was more to my discomfort than just not fitting in. Having lived in Herriman my whole life I never knew, but when I moved to a ward in Draper and saw the kindness that people showed each other I was in awe. I came to understand that the people I had been associating with for the first 14 years of my life were shallow, rude, and unaccepting. They all acted like high school students and that was why I never felt like I belonged there. I had always accepted this as normal because I didn’t know any different, I thought I didn’t fit in because I didn’t

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