Personal Narrative Essay

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Every morning I wake up and walk the long twenty minutes through the lower east side to the upper east side of New York to my job as a criminal defense lawyer which I was graciously given by my father, one of the two partners of the firm. Straight out of law school, I was given a job at the top rated law firms in New York. Personally I think that there were more qualified graduates that are more skilled than me that should’ve gotten the job, but I had no other options and I started my work with high hopes of success. I intend not to exaggerate, but I have been experiencing many struggles since finishing high school regarding starting my life that I was mentally not prepared to take on. I use the long walk to work to attempt to ease my thoughts before taking on new cases or winning old ones. As the elevator doors open to my floor, I take one last deep breath and greet Sarah, the receptionist, “Good Morning Sarah”. “Good Morning Mrs. Jackson, your coffee is on your desk”, she replied while handing me a mass amount of paperwork I need to fill out from the case I lost last Thursday. “Thank you Sarah”, I say accepting the documents and walk through the shiny glass doors of my office. I set the heavy papers on my large wood desk and sit in my cushioned chair. All I see is failure, which happens to be a fear of mine. Out of the seven cases I have lead this year, I have have only won two. The disappointment and shame in my father's eyes makes my heart sink. Scientifically, the
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