Personal Narrative Essay: Plane Of Death

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Logan Herrmann
Hour 4
Plane of death
All the planes are canceled so I basally have to spend the night at the airport all night or until my plane gets back on. I look all around. I look over at the kids play places kids jumping and screaming no parents in site… weird. Then I hear someone behind me say “LOOK OUT!!” I as I feel a sharp object hit the side of my face. It was a snow globe. Luckily it didn’t shadier. I look behind me and there’s no one… “Plane 789 is now able to fly”
That’s my plane!
I got on the plane with a few other people. I sit down on a window seat. I look at the window it looks like I’m in a snow globe… The plane starts and I hear something hit my foot. I look down to see a snow globe… the snow globe that
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