Personal Narrative Essay: Should I Be Allowed?

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Before I even began, if you feel as if you are being "called out" email me personally with whatever concerns you.
Yes, leaving early from a meeting is not acceptable; only in the case that you do NOT tell me or one of our sponsors when and where you are going off to. Today, I left about 2 minutes early to pick up my printing. BY this time, the meeting was over and I surely did tell Mme. Melson before I left. As an officer, NOT attending an officer meeting and coming to a club meeting blind, is unacceptable. I do not feel as if it is my responsibility to brief people on the things we are doing at a meeting 2 minutes before it starts. We are all AP students, one ACA ( Camile!), most of us have jobs, and we are all about to go to college and become adults. In real life, no one is going to write us an email stating to the ways in which we are not doing our job. We get one strike and we are OUT. Now, as far as the actual meetings go, I try my best to have everything set before the meeting even begins. No one should expect for Angela to be the only person with her laptop out ready to present. Those of you that showed up today are well aware of the fact that my laptop was the one everyone depended on for projecting (After Jaelyn offered her' s off). Prior to this, I had stated several times that, "I NEED to work on my essay." Afterward, while my laptop was in use, I went off to help set up the food; but, before I could even finish that I was being told to come get my laptop so I can finish my essay.... -_- ... The point I am trying to make here is that, If no one wants to offer off theirs, don't
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Each title has a job to do and being completely clueless as to what your's is, is not a good look. My job, Is to make all of yours easy. I am pretty familiar with how to run a club considering I practically did everything for French Club last year (with the help of Jaelynn and Mme.
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