Personal Narrative Essay-Skating Wheel

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Today i ask myself do i need some new wheels? The day is saturday november 19. And me and tristan are going skating at the rink, and i wanted to order some new wheels for my jam skates. So when we get there to the rink. And i tell brandy that i found some cool jam skating wheels called zombie sure grip wheels. And i heard that they are good. So i ask brandy to see if i can get them. And she ask how much, and i told her they are $100 dollars. She said okay if you bring me the money i will order them for you. I said okay i will bring you the money for the wheels. She said they will be here wednesday. Okay i said. Then that night tristan text me and said “ when the wheels get in wednesday i will get them and i will bring them to you thursday…show more content…
And i go to the door of the rink and pull the door open i feel the heat of inside the skating rink. I go inside and i see the lights are on and people getting their skates. I go get my jam skates on and roll to the back to the skate counter and take the new wheels out and put them on my skates. I take my skates off and put them on the counter and get the tool to get the wheels off. I get the bolts off and take out the bearings and clean them. Then i ask Tristan “ can you help me put in the bearings in the new wheels”. So he gets on of the wheels and start putting in the bearings. Then i put the new wheels on my skates. They feel like they have a lot of grip. So it be easier to skate on the floor. And they have aluminum hubs so they won’t break that easy. So we get them done and Tristan ask “ now we got them done let’s go try them out. I told him “ yes let’s get on the floor and jam skate”. So we get out in the middle of the floor. And we start practicing, i do my standing work and do a little of ground work. I told myself “ i love these new wheels”. Then i hear the dj said “now it is time for a glow stick skate”. So the dj turn on the black lights on and turn off the others. I skate to my table with my friends Tristan and
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