Personal Narrative Essay: Solving The Murder Of Richard Webster

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I, Detective Wilde, am being assigned the opportunity of a lifetime! Solving the murder of Richard Webster is what's going to determine whether I receive a spotlight in the newspaper. Business has been slow lately so this will help pick it up. Ahead of the interrogation, I gathered data on the victim and each of the suspects. Some background research shows that the Webster Network of co-workers are troubled: Richard, a class A jerk, Hugh, a broken businessman, Rita, in a troublesome relationship, H.T., a misanthrope, Dee, too loyal, Del, a sloth and victim’s cousin, Justin, once jailed for computer hacking. I am going to tactfully style my questions so they will be spouting a fountain of truth. According to my calculations, everyone who is…show more content…
I looked on as Del Packard struggled with the police about getting into the car. The people who had gathered around to watch the action asked about what had occurred and how I managed to figure it out. I repeated the story of the murder out loud as I had practiced multiple times before in my head. Del was worried about Rich removing him from his will taking with it the only life he knew and treasured. He figured the only way to fix the problem was to kill. (People nowadays!) Anyway, he had been learning and mastering the skill of mind control and decided to test it out on a fellow who would be the least likely to be suspected. Dee! During this time, a meeting had been occurring between Hugh, Justin, and Dee. Dee needed help to debug the system but what Justin planned was to steal the whole program. Justin went to talk to Rita at the same time that Dee took a ‘bathroom break’. She made sure that H.T. was preoccupied and put on gloves to leave no trace behind. Mind you, she was being manipulated by Del the whole time. Before the murder, Rita had drugged Rich so that Justin was able to steal the program. Her reason for betrayal was because he had been the one to break it off, leaving her the one with hurt feelings. I guess that never settles well with ferocious sirens like her. Dee came in soon after Rita and finished up the job by strangling Rich with a mouse cord and punching the daylight out of him. She drops the gloves underneath Hugh’s bed and returns to the meeting. It continues until everyone has returned to their places. Dee, having lost all memory of her actions goes to ask a question from Rich. She screams and everyone runs over. And that’s where my story begins. It was quite hard to piece together the parts but when it is done, it is refreshing! So when are those reporters going to show

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