Personal Narrative Essay: The Big Loss

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The Big Loss The ambulance pulled up to get me, Johnny, and Dally out of the burning house. Johnny was in really bad conditions because of the burning house he was in. We were rushed to the hospital so we could get help. Then, my to brother came in and hugged me because they missed me and I missed them to. Then, he took me home because I was really tired and didn’t need to stay in the hospital because I was not burned that bad like Johnny, and Dally. The next morning I got up and cooked food for Darry, and Sodapop. Then, Steve and Two-bit came in and made fun of my hair and made me drop the food that I cooked for my brothers. Then, after they ate we went to fight in the rumble and we won. Then, they took me to see Johnny. I told him that we
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