Personal Narrative Essay: The Cold War

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I hated that stupid rock. I couldn’t move it, climb over it, or swim through the river around it. That wouldn’t count. Part of me hoped that the rock would tip over and fall into the water so I could laugh as it tumbled away, but I knew I couldn’t be that lucky. I wanted to kick it halfway across the globe or punch it up until it was nothing but rubble. I couldn’t though, because it’s a rock, I’m a human and human-rock relations just don’t work that way. Maybe I would get lucky and someone from Romania would randomly decide to make a display of gigantic stones from around the world. I wondered if the rock would pity me and move out of the way if I cried. But it’s a rock, rocks don’t seem to have emotions. All I could do was sit there and drink…show more content…
I was left alone with the boulder again, my only helpers some tea and a notebook. The goal was to make the boulder go away. I had to make it disappear somehow, but I couldn’t figure out how. I could stand up and walk the other way, but it wouldn’t be worth it. I had already gone through a testing facility and navigated around a river twice before barely making it out of a haunted house. If I could do all that, why couldn’t I get around this stupid stone? Why did this thing want to block my path? I continued to think. I drew in between moments of deep thinking. Getting my mind halfway off the subject and halfway onto another would sometimes helps me think. At first circles were the only thing that decorated the page, but they slowly turned into characters I had created or ones that others had created. None of the ideas I got seemed to help me in any way. After a few minutes it hit me. I knew exactly what I needed to do. But how? How could I put it into words that anyone else would get? I quickly got frustrated, but decided to at least try something. I flipped to a new page in my notebook and began to
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