Personal Narrative Essay : The Death Of My Father

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One of these days happiness isn’t always going to be your best friend. At times you’ll feel as if you’re chained to the ground. The cold metal chains attached to your hands, and you try to find a way to be set free. Trying to have answers to the problem you are facing. Like me, I have been facing the loss of my father. Trying not to meet the flashbacks in your head, not trying to picture the critical moments. This tragedy event leads me to a dark room. Going to a corner, wrapping myself up, and shedding tears down like a river.

Many of us faced this before. Trying not to recall about this every single day. Oh, how time flies by. My days were black as the night. The death of my father delivered the worst of me. I wasn’t the same out-going person as I used to be. This had pulled me to the ends of the earth. Picturing and remembering the moment… we got the call.

I was eating peacefully the savory food my mother had made. When suddenly that peace was disturbed with a loud ring. The phone rang. You can hear the loud crying from the other side,and as I stand and drop everything, turning to face my mother and see her expression as the plate slowly shattered. I knew the news as quickly as a heartbeat, and just like my father’s heart. I stopped.

As my tears kept falling, I ran to my room. My sister was hearing a pop song while she was singing in the background. When I open the door crying, it was silent. I broke my sister the news about our father as well, and we shared the
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