Personal Narrative Essay : The First Day Of School

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Seeing as it is the first day of school, I’m expecting anything, or almost anything; except for my girlfriend to tell me we’ve committed the unforgivable crime.
I am walking out of the last class of the day, History, with my friends, talking as loudly as we can about the holidays, throwing in exaggerations about parties and exploits we had, when someone nearly knocks me over.
I look down, getting ready to produce a number of my favourite swear words, when the person looks up.
“Nom?” I ignore the smirks and comments as I give my girlfriend a long and extended kiss, right there in the middle of the nearly empty school yard.
Then she pushes me away. “We need to talk, Walt.”
“Somebody’s ass is about to get dumped!” Leo sings.
I shoot my best friend my meanest look over my shoulder, grab Nom’s hand, and drag her away. We do need to talk alright! She just made me look foolish in front of my closest friends. I never pull stuff like that in front of her friends.
Still grasping her hand, I look for an empty classroom. It’s not difficult to find. After all, there are only two grades left in schools.
When we are in an empty classroom, I spin to face her, making sure the look of annoyance I have perfected over the years is prominent. Then I see tears shining in her eyes.
“Nom?” I ask, losing momentum.
Then she says the words that are going to doom us forever. “I’m pregnant.”
I search in my mental dictionary of dirty words, and come up blank. It feels like someone pushed the
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