Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of Snowball

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On a Tuesday night of my sophomore year, two weeks before the state tournament, we played Heritage Hills. On the mound, battling for every out, I attempted to keep the game tied. The count was two and one with two outs in the bottom of the fourth. I stepped up, wound up, and pitched the ball for the fiftieth time. Except this time the ball came flying right back towards me.
The ball shot off the bat, blazing at seventy miles per hour toward my right shin. Collapsing to the ground, I was like a tree falling in the woods. Rolling over trying to gather my bearings I heard the first baseman, Sydney Norris, expressed with fear to the second baseman, Hannah Bryant, “I think she just broke her shin.” As I stood up, I noticed Hannah’s face turn from
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There, in the middle of my shin, looked to be a tennis ball underneath my sock; however, I knew I still had to try and pitch no matter what my leg looked like. Start over: step up, deep breath, wind-up, and pitch. My catcher told coach that the pitch was harder than any that had come before: I knew that was my cue to pitch the rest of the game.
In the bottom of the sixth, it happened again. Flying straight off the bat, headed straight towards my left leg. Luckily, this time it bounced off of the top of my foot to the third baseman, who was able to complete the final out of the inning. Coach May came out of the dugout, grabbed me by the shoulders, and sat me down in the back corner of the dugout, a place where I could not be hit again.
Sitting in the corner on the old, splintered wooden bench, ice on my leg, all I could sense was happiness. As my teammates jumped for joy upon scoring the go-ahead run, I glanced up to the beautiful clear blue sky that suspended over the field. The wind whipped through the dugout, carrying the sounds of the ecstatic crowd. Game over.
The season finished with a state championship, a shin guard protecting my leg every step of the way. To this day my leg is still numb where I was hit, sticking out just a little further than the rest
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