Personal Narrative Essay: The Grave

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The Grave

After my mom died from a car accident our family decided to just put everyone's name on one headstone after they died. First it was my moms, then my grandmas, then my aunt and uncle and we decided to put my dads on their as well cause after mom died he left. It seemed like there wasn’t going to be any room left by the time me and my brother died. Hopefully it isn't soon.

My brother and I went out to the grave every weekend and put some nice flowers that always smelled like our grandmas house. One night after we got back from the grave I had this dream, my whole family was at my 18th birthday. Ever since my mom died I always wanted her there but I knew its not going to happen.

I told my brother about it the next morning …show more content…

"but that can't be possible I remember her dying and being at her funeral."

"This can't be real.." I managed to say

When I got home I decided to call the grave yard office. I asked them if it was possible for names to just disappear off a headstone. They said that if the names have been on the headstones for longer than about 8 months, they can start to fade from rain or other weather and they go and check each grave to see if they need repainting every 10 months. My brother was sitting beside me listening in the whole time and after I hung up we looked at each other in relief.

"I miss mom, but I knew she wasn’t alive again.." I said kind of sadly.

"I wish she was here for our birthday but it kind of scared me that she came back to life," my brother said almost in tears.

The next week went by fast. Right before our party we went back to the grave to visit our family and drop off the flowers. I could barely hold back the tears sitting there an hour before our 18th birthday. I didn’t want to cry because I didn’t want to ruin my makeup. My brother on the other hand, had tears running down his face. After saying goodbye we walked back to the car and drove to our

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