Personal Narrative Essay: The Kidd

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“I’m trying,” the Kidd snarled. “But this miserable bird wants to put his tail feathers in my face.” I looked over and the macaw was now pacing across his forehead. Captain Bluebird roared with laughter as I continued to ferociously kick and beat at the sea with my legs and fists using the last of my strength to reach the shore. * * * We collapsed on the dark sand under the light of the silvery moon gasping for air and trembling with exhaustion. Then once Captain Bluebird had regained his strength, he built a small blaze. “Gordok summoned that monster from the deep to murder you,” he said, sitting next to me. I watched the orange sparks from the fire curl and twist into the starry sky. Not sure why he wanted me know this, unless he needed me to be …show more content…

I’d skidded to a stop, my left sneaker just barely missing the front spokes. I hadn’t touched it. I hadn’t even really breathed on it, I don’t think, yet the cycle began to teeter. Wobble. To tremble and to shake apart. One minute it was an aluminum road racer the next a heap of tiny gears and cogs littering the pavement. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it was my fault. Or there was the time I’d cut Miss Wee-Wee’s grass and accidently on purpose mowed straight through a patch of her prized pink petunias. I could’ve gone on and on, but I decided to put the brakes on self-loathing. “What about my dad and Grandpa?” “They’re of the same line.” He winked at me. “Tomorrow, you and Mason must go and find the centaurs. They will help you to understand how to defeat Gordok and save our kingdom.” “Do the centaurs look like men with a horse’s hindquarter?” Mason whispered. “I mean do they have tails and hooves?” Captain Bluebird

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