Personal Narrative Essay: The Road To State Wrestling

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The Road to State wrestling
It was my freshman year in high school. We had a pretty good wrestling team and we made it to the regional duals and the four best teams in our district were there and the team who has made it to state wrestling the past three years and we had to beat all three teams in order to make it to state which was going to be difficult. it was the day after sectionals and we found out we would be one of the teams that qualified for Regional duals. We started focusing on that the best part about qualifying is we got to host it so we didn’t have to worry about driving for a couple hours just to wrestle. The teams that qualified with us was MOC, Spencer, and Sergeant Bluff.
It was the big day of the match and nobody got a good night of sleep the night before. It was time to wrestle now and we had MOC first.Sergeant Bluff had Spencer. We started wrestling at 145 and we got a good lead on MOC. t came to our 132 match and one of wrestlers got hurt. next
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We went out there and started with our heavier weights and we knew that Sergeant bluff had good medium weights. We had good light weights so we knew that our medium weights had to give it theirall. So by the time the heavier weights went we were up by quite always but we knew that wasn’t good enough so it was Gables turn to wrestle and Gable won as usual. Our crowd was screaming and yelling and everyone was having fun because we were beating a really good team and we had a huge crowd and what helped with that is that central Lyon cancelled their game so we could have more support. Which was a good thing people couldn’t even find a place to sit nowafter we went through are light weights went through knew the medium weights went through there was one more match the score was 36-36 and it was one of ourbest wrestlers and one of sergeant bluffs best
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