Personal Narrative Essay : Today Is The Day Of The World

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Today is the day. I am leaving the town I’ve lived in all my life, Ukraine. I’m only 14 years old leaving the country for the America’s to start a new, more efficient life. We are very poor here in Ukraine and we barely have enough money to board the ship. I’m only taking one, very small suitcase with very little of my belongings. I’m bringing a winter coat, 2 dresses, the shoes on my feet, and a necklace my parents gave me. My parents aren’t coming along with myself, just my older brother Petro who is 15. He is very tall and muscular probably from all the firewood he breaks apart with an ax for the winter so we aren't freezing because we don't have enough to buy a heater, he has dark brown hair, with a few freckles across his nose and very dark blue eyes. I don’t know about my brother, but I’m very scared to leave my parents. I am going to miss them oh so very dearly. Petro and myself have traveled many miles just to get to the boat that will deliver us to America. It is outstandingly large, I’ve never seen anything like it. Thousands of people from different cultures all wanting the same common dream. Many faces, many, many faces. I dread leaving Ukraine but I’m so excited for a new start. As we get on the ship, we are placed at the bottom of the boat because we are third class. Poor. We are provided with the most awful beds ever, hard bunk beds. We have no clue how long we be on the ship for. Petro complains and complains. The first day has been very stressful.
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