Personal Narrative Essay: We Need To Get Out Of Here

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I woke up one morning to a news announcement saying “Stay inside they are everywhere.” Shortly after he said that what looked like the camera man jumped onto the news anchor and attacked right before the cable came out. After that, my dad came into my room with my little brothers and gave me his machete and said: “Pack up we need to get out of here.”After that, we got into his truck with all of his weapons as we stormed across the countryside. I have seen buildings burning down and one of them blew up like a soda that was dropped and people attacked others. The people screamed and were begging for their lives. We stopped at a Motel that My family and my friends were to meet at but there were people just walking around. My dad whispered, “Stay inside the truck.” He asked me for the machete. I never had seen so much blood before. My dad had gave the machete and told us to go straight to the room upstairs. When we got upstairs there was a girl spitting up blood and Her tears were a river flowing down her cheeks. She looked up at me and cried “ Kill me please.”I look at her and told my little brothers to go to the bathroom. I looked at her with the machete in my hand and whispered: “ I’m sorry.” I could not believe what I have done. My dad came up and said“You did good boy, now she will rest in peace. Now help me get her body out of here and set up a fence.”…show more content…
The Everetts don’t talk a lot and take night duty instead of day shifts.The other day I thought I saw one fiddling with the fence post, but never got the guts to check it out because of the infected came so close to it. I just hope it is not
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