Personal Narrative Essay : Welcome To My Story

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Hey, It’s me, well welcome to my story. Get some popcorn, lay back, and relax because this story is really boring and you need something to get you through. Put extra butter and..what the heck, get a large drink too. *Sometime in the future, ugh who cares what's the date, in a silver Rav4. “BEEP!” Shrieked the horns. Suddenly, I see what's happening and I fully process that I'm in the middle of the road with traffic going in the opposite direction. “Oh shit!” I shouted. I swerved the car to the right, nearly missing the car right in front of me, a red Toyota Corolla. “Oh my god, oh my god oh my god, bismillah, bismillah!” Cries my mother. I speed off ahead and I'm terrified. I'm gripping to wheel for dear life, my muscles are so tense, eyes widened. I look back in the rear-view mirror and gasp in relief, thinking I’ve made it, in one piece. “Watch out for that squirrel! Don't kill it! Watch out!” She shrieks. I swerve again to the right and I'm driving at 45 mph on 30 mph road. I look up again to see if anything else is coming and I see a huge, 4x4 F-150 Ford pickup truck crossing the road and I was headed right at him. My mom grips her handle and stiffens her legs and looks away in horror. My heart beating like a drum, ripping its way out of my chest and up to my throat. “Oh shit!” I scream. And it blacks out. *Flashback goes back into the past.
I am in a classroom, I look around I see bright posters
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