Personal Narrative Essay - Why I Write?

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Reflective Essay “Why I write?” This is one of the first essay that I can recall that we went over and discussed in class. I can remember doing peer reviews, going over example essays, and other interactive class activities. I can’t say that I remember everything or loved all of it. What I can say is that I did learn and I did get a lot out of this class. I feel like I learned something about myself from writing these essays as well as how to actually write a paper. I believe writing the personal narrative was the most challenging for me to start. First off trying to pick an event that might somewhat be entertaining without it being too personal was difficult. Second, I hadn’t written a paper in seven years my brain hadn’t been in student mode in quite a while. Sample essays were particularly helpful in getting me started. I adored the story you told about running over the lilac bush, I’m not sure why, but this is the one that stuck with me the most. Peer reviews and teacher conference where also very helpful to me it was nice to have an opportunity to get feedback before handing in an essay. Unfortunately, I missed out on a peer review day and teacher conference in my second essay and this was very harmful to my paper. What I ended up learning in this essay was a lot more personal. I did acquire about how to cite a paper and the topic that I wrote about, which is very help information to have in college. Foregoing my conference was a big mistake on my part, so why did
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