Personal Narrative Essay: Why My Father Would Receive Trump

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Why My Father Would Vote Trump:

Just weeks have past since the world changing ‘trump gate’ rocked the world, with not just America in utter stun. The political system has been flipped to a side never thought to be shown. There has been a huge divide in opinions to who should of been the successor in this election, with Clinton receiving more votes in the popularity vote, controversy has uprisen within the social community on how it isn’t a true democracy. However, I have turned to the opinion of an outsider, who isn’t directly affected. A brit, root of intelligence, my Father.

Throughout the course of the election, not just as a nation but as part of the world’s population, we have seen how hated Trump has been, from his number of accusations
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Yet as the process continued, I started to really listen to what he had to say due to my father saying don’t read just listen, so I didn’t read the comedic ‘memes’ on twitter and just listened to his points, forgetting how many times he said China (64 times more or less but who’s counting) he presented some clear points such as not raising higher tax for big businesses in order for them to use the money they would save to expand and creating more job opportunities, doesn’t sound like a trump comment right?

As Trump is known profoundly for being a rightful business man, and none other than Americas Alan Sugar, with his US version of the apprentice. People have ciritised him for being essentially a Tv ‘reality’ star, however, putting his attributes into context, that show was about running a business, in which he takes away the weakest link to ensure that he will have a partner who will work to his optimum level. Isn’t that what America needs? They need someone to elect people which will perform at the highest possible level at all
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