Personal Narrative Essay: Wizard Of Oz

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Without a single call from Tod with the topic of any sort of political trouble, my day had gone almost flawlessly. In fact, as I am a bit ashamed to admit, that day was a lot of fun. First my father and I went to the downtown area to see what was for sale. Rudpelt truly was the quaintest little town I had ever seen. Everyone who lived there dressed a certain way, the way in which I had noticed when we first entered, and everyone talked in the same way as the lady who ran the inn, friendly, eloquently, and to the point. I used to think that New Francisco was the nicest place in the world, but no, this place definitely was. After buying and changing into clothes that more reflected the natives, my father and I inspected each of the shops. They had all sorts of places to buy things, from music stores to ice cream parlors to bookstores, every one of them with their own piece of individual charm. We ate some lunch at a drive-in, and once that was through, we visited a drive-in movie theater. They played the original 'Wizard of Oz', produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and it was a charm. The town seemed like a dream, it seemed like it couldn't be real, and yet... here it was.…show more content…
I was beaming like the sun, feeling recharged after our spectacular afternoon. "I think this is my new favorite place, ever..." I sighed, falling backwards onto my bed. "I agree," he noted. "This is one of the most charming places I've ever been. We need to visit more often, don't we?" Closing my eyes, just laid there, completely content. "Yes..." All of the sudden, I heard my phone's text tone go off. Picking it up from off of the bed, I turned on the screen to read what it had to say. It was from Tod. "Sylvia," it read, "Turn on the television if you're nearby to
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