Personal Narrative: Everyone Has Shaped Paragraphs

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If my schedule went accordingly, I would have chosen my events, then write about them, draw my rollercoaster, get my pictures, arrange everything together, then finish it. But me being the laziest person I know, I had taken some time thinking of events, then I went to draw my rollercoaster, then went to write the paragraphs, which took three days, and then got the pictures, and then arranged and glued everything together, during the middle of the night. When I had to go to school, I almost fell asleep in math class. I went to look at artists I liked to draw some of the drawings, but the style had to be easy to copy. That’s why my people mostly had chubby cheeks, it’s because I used a chibi artist to draw the base. Next time, I want to try drawing by myself, which honestly won’t happen because I suck at art. Also,…show more content…
But timelines are common projects to do in class, except this timeline was harder because it came with requirements, whereas my other teachers just said, “Just do whatever you want,” so this project really irritated me. However, I do like the colors of my title, but I dislike the loop on top, since it was cut off due to bad planning. I feel like I didn’t show what I could really draw, but I can only imagine how good my drawings would be, and then the instant the pencil touches the paper, it screws up my entire vision of my drawing. Adding on, I feel like I didn’t write as well as I could imagine the scene, rather I just added long words to make myself seems smart and educated. Last year, my memoir made people genuinely laugh at my situation, and I wanted to make people show their raw emotions reading my work, but we could only summarize our experiences, and even still, the short memoirs weren’t that good. I wanted my poster to be colorful and the memoirs to be descriptive to the point when you could see life through my
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