Personal Narrative-Fair Job Analysis

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From the New Year approaching, and I am still looking for work in the state. This week the most important thing is Tuesday's job fair. I got my resume ready early, and I got to know more interested companies. Before the job fair, I was fortunate enough to have received a phone call from a company that had previously voted on the talent website and was invited to attend the interview. I went to an early education institution, the interviewer is very friendly, briefly describes some of their company's situation, as well as the main work content. I also asked the most concerned about the issue, and one by one to be answered. But this institution is often a night shift, which is inconvenient for me, home at night will be more dangerous, the interviewer also expressed understanding, and let me go home to ask the views of parents, give them back.…show more content…
I can only put all my hopes on the job fair. Job fair is in the afternoon, although Tuesday, but people are also very much, to participate in the enterprise is also very much. I first went to a network company, which is seen in the talent online. Although my profession and the candidates are not so professional counterparts, but I think all things as long as the learning can be completed, as long as there is a serious effort of the
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