Personal Narrative: Fall Colors

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Fall, lovely fall, one of my favorite season, because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. I love the colors of fall, and there's no place like Colorado to celebrate it. We recently decided to take a trip up to the mountains to look at the beautiful Colorado Fall Colors. It's when the trees change colors and you can see a sea of yellow, oranges and reds, or maybe just a sea of yellow as shown below. People travel from far and wide just to witness our colors and I don't blame them, because it's beautiful! You may notice that when fall comes around, we tend to eat more comfort foods, and one of those comfort foods that I just love and my entire family also loves is Quaker Oats. I grew up eating Quaker Oats and I remember my mother making oatmeal in the mornings for breakfast before I headed off to school. In the Caribbean we would call it "porridge", and it was usually our go to breakfast meal. It was filling and you know that you were getting a great meal. Now that I'm older and have my own family, I always keep Quaker Oats on hand, whether they be the original or instant, they're a must have in my own pantry. …show more content…

On my recent checkup with my doctor, I found out that my cholesterol was elevated and that I may also be diabetic. I have a follow-up visit in my very near future, but I know that I will have much better news. For one, I was traveling quite a lot this year. I've visited 2 countries and three states in 6 months and it took it's toll. I gained over 30lbs and I ate very unhealthy. Now I'm back on track, and Quaker Oats is there to help me with my dietary needs. Did you know that Oats are considered a super grain and has been part of daily morning rituals for more than a hundred years? I know it has to be true, because my mom died at the age of 72 and I'm 40, so I've been eating it for at least 36 of that, because I would get it for breakfast before school and I started at the age of

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